Cell Phone Texting Ban Passes Michigan House

Distracted driving takes lives.  Many adults have experienced that sick feeling of guilt and relief when you realize you’ve crossed over the center-line because you were checking your cell phone. For most of us, we swerve back to our lane, hoping for the best and, statistically, you’re fine; you continue to your meeting or appointment. […]

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Interview with Michigan Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan

In 1989, I completed an 18-month stint as a research attorney with the Court of Appeals.  My next job was an associate attorney position in the appellate section of Plunkett & Cooney, then a Detroit-based firm.  Another attorney that joined the firm at the same time was Maura Corrigan. At that time, She narrowly missed […]

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Same-Sex Marriage Cases Go Constitutional

A federal law suit filed last year by two California same-sex couples (one gay; one lesbian) has raised constitutional issues in the gay marriage context and is unfolding in a momentous trial.  In Massachusetts, another federal case tests whether a federal statutory provision that draws a sexual-preference distiniction is constitutional. The complaint in Perry v Schwarzenneger, filed in […]

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