Does the MERS Corporation Own Your Home?

The signs have been piling-up for more than a year now. Mortgage foreclosures have careened out-of-control. The chief question in courts of law is: who owns the subject property, and can they prove it by producing a mortgage note? Increasingly, the respective answers are: “Don’t know” and “No.” In 2010, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled […]

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SCOTUS Erodes Witness Confrontation Requirement

This case was straight out of Detroit.  Anthony Covington was lying next to his car at a gas station, shot in the stomach, bleeding out, but still alive and speaking with the Detroit Police. Just before he died, he identified Rick Bryant as his shooter.  Bryant’s subsequent conviction, based largely on the dying man’s identification, […]

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Are Digital Inspections Constitutional?

Whether a search of your computer is legal depends, in large part, on where the search takes place.  If you are singled-out at an international boarder, for example, you are going to be searched regardless of the presence of a “reasonable suspicion”. If you are in a place where you have a reasonable expectation of privacy, […]

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