Divorce and family law

Divorce and family law along with matters of child custody present challenges for both client and lawyer.  Divorce can be one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life.

Unlike other areas of civil litigation, neither party “wins” in a divorce. The family members all lose something when a complaint for divorce is filed.

Our law firm facilitates child-related issues and strives toward an equitable-division of the marital estate so that all family members can move-on with their lives with dignity after the divorce process is complete.  Often, the public courtroom, although sometimes necessary, is not the preferred venue for the sensitive issues involved in a divorce.

In the event that you can communicate effectively with your spouse despite your differences, we highly recommend the collaborative divorce model.  This approach to divorce emphasizes collaboration, communication and resolution rather than a commitment to the adversarial process.  In the collaborative divorce model, the parties meet to negotiate the terms of a settlement agreement.  This agreement is then reviewed by the professionals for each spouse and executed prior to the formal filing of divorce pleadings with the family court.

If you have minor children, the co-parenting model is best.  Like collaborative divorce, this process requires effective communication between parents.  We can assist with this  process during your divorce or child custody proceeding.  We have experience in counseling clients as to the best approaches to some of the more challenging issues such as choice of schools, holiday parenting time, child support, change of domicile issues and other pressing child-related matters.

Practice Areas

Our law firm handles all matters related to Divorce, Family Law, Support and Child Custody.  We have experience handling cases in all of the following areas:

Consequently, if you are experiencing issues in any of these family law areas, consider the scheduling a free consultation with one of our firm’s lawyers to assess your options.