family courtAt the turn of the Century, the Michigan Legislature created family courts in every county that have exclusive jurisdiction over all divorce and family law cases. All divorces begin with the filing of a pleading known as a complaint for divorce at the county courthouse. Our lawyers ensure that your case is prepared prior to filing, during the discovery process, through the negotiations inevitable in divorce proceedings, and after the judgment of divorce is entered with the court. Our firm will protect your interests by maintaining a position of strength through preparedness in all phases of your divorce.

The divorce process is not pleasant. Divorce signifies a loss and forces change. Divorce is also a beginning; a new chapter.  For positive people  the divorce process is a necessary step for moving to the next stage of your personal development; moving on with your life. By surfing through the information in this website, you are taking the first proactive steps in getting a bad and painful situation under control; for yourself and for your family members.

You are important.  You are a “work in progress”. Your life is worth living, whether you are married or divorced. No one deserves to be trapped in an unhappy marriage.  Your divorce can deliver you to a happier and therefore better life.

If a divorce has been filed by your spouse, but you want to stay married, you will need to adjust to the concept of divorce. This adjustment can be painful at times.  Hopefully, the information contained in our web site will help with the adjustment by answering your questions.

The goal of our site is to inform you about the various aspects of the typical divorce process. A word of caution, however. Each and every family will present with unique and specific issues.  This is why you should consider hiring a divorce lawyer. Our law firm offers a free initial consultation.  Contact us if you are interested in such a consult.

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