SCOTUS Reprise: Stripper’s Estate Gets Second Oral Argument

Money isn’t everything, right.  Yet here is SCOTUS, taking a close second look at the money. A case involving a Texas Billionaire’s massive estate and a washed-up model turned stripper is on the SCOTUS docket for oral argument today, for the second time.  You recall this case. The estate of former Guess Jeans model whose, […]

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Adultery in the Marital Bed

Always poor judgment, sometimes an adulterous liason makes it into the marital bed.  If the cuckholded spouse learns of the at-home trist, the ensuing divorce is very nasty. This circumstance was recently featured in the NYT.  The article is of note in this blog mostly because it quotes a well-known Michigan divorce attorney; Richard Roane […]

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Email Snooping by Spouse Results in Felony Criminal Charges

Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper has elected to prosecute a Rochester Hills man for accessing his wife’s email account. The emails were accessed from a computer that the husband purchased for family use. The criminalization of conduct involving computers and privacy has had federal and state law components. For example, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act […]

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