Should Your Divorce Go To Trial

Yesterday, I was sure that I was going to spend the entire day in a divorce trial; my first in a quarter century of practice. Didn’t happen. Why? Because trial in divorce rarely makes sense. This case, in Genesee County, had it all: a GAL for the minor children; a joint bankruptcy in the middle […]

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Narcissus Gets A Divorce

Narcissus admires his reflection. In my decades of divorce practice, I’ve encountered folks who, if a psychological evaluation was completed, would be characterized as having narcissistic personality disorder.  A few of these peeps have been clients; others have been on the opposing side. Either way, everyone involved is in for a rough ride. Over the past several […]

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Nagging Outstrips Adultery as Primary Engine of Divorce

Toward the end of last month, you may have noted the stir that a WSJ article caused over the issue of nagging and its toxic effect on marriages. The article concluded that nagging may have more potential to bust apart couples than adultery. As a divorce attorney in the third decade of practice, I’ve witnessed […]

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