Your Digital Estate Plan

Do you ever wonder what becomes of a deceased person’s Facebook profile? Increasingly, folks are compiling several digital profiles on the ever-popular social media sites now embedded into the Internet.  Many of us have thoroughly fleshed-out these electronic profiles. Well, what happens to your digital persona when you die?  How do we assist our family […]

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Sex Offender Status Now Terminates Parental Rights

Murder, felonious assault resulting in serious injury to a child, voluntary manslaughter; these are convictions that cause parents to lose their parental rights while doing time in the penitentiary.  Now add to that list: registration on the Sex Offender Registry. As of May 1, the applicable statute now states that the Department of Human Services […]

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Medical Marijuana: The Feds Strike Back

Even as Connecticut became the 17th state to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes last week, the DEA continues to bring the heat on some of the more visible pot crusaders across the country.  The latest to be busted is Richard Lee of Oaksterdam University fame in Oakland, California. Despite assurances from the U.S. Department of […]

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