The Grey Divorcee

A recent study published by the Bowling Green State University concludes that divorce has replaced widowhood as the primary reason many seniors are single later in life.  No surprise there, as the United States has long held the highest divorce rate in the world. As the baby-boomer generation ages, more of its members have been […]

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Double-Dipping for Alimony

The original “double-dip”. Many of us, when we think of “double-dipping,” immediately envision George Costanza nonchalantly eating chips and dip at a boring party. He bites the chip, dips, bites again, dips again, oblivious and happy. Meanwhile, a fellow party-goer and disgusted onlooker cannot contain the impulse to put a stop to this obvious dip-contaminating […]

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Michigan Supreme Court Selects [Another] Medical Marijuana Case

The criminal defense bar saw all this litigation coming from a distance.  At this blog, we knew that the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act would be challenged, diced, and spliced for years after its passage in 2008.  Well, no disappointment on that front, as the Michigan Supreme Court has selected yet another medical marijuana case for briefing […]

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