Divorce Parties

It doesn’t have to be all bad.  According to an article in today’s Freep, divorce parties are on the rise, thanks, of course, to the celebrities that have started throwing such events. Take Detroit’s Jack White, for example.  He celebrated his sixth wedding anniversary and his divorce to model Karen Elson.  The lesson here is […]

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The Intersection of Family and Criminal Law

Oscar Pistorius faces a judge at a bail hearing. We have only to look to the recent and utterly tragic Oscar Pistorius premeditated murder case to know that sometimes our emotions get the best of us when it comes to love and romance.  While we are in no way convicting Mr. Pistorius before his day […]

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Sophisticated Cohabitation May Not Result in Child Custody

Dr. Jonathan Sporn & Leann Leutner This is a sad tale, yet a sign of our times.  The case illustrates how, despite the oft-progressive status of our modern family laws, and the family law bar, there remains a stubborn bias in the family court that favors the bloodlines of a traditional family unit. In New […]

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