On The Custody of Cryopreserved Embryos

By:  Timothy P. Flynn Now here’s a sticky one.  What does an unmarried couple do with their fertilized and cryopreserved embryos when they break-up? That was the question of first impression posed to a panel of the Illinois Court of Appeal’s Second Division in Jacob Szafranski vs Karla Dunston.  The in vitro fertilization case from […]

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Grandparents Lack Standing When Parental Rights Are Terminated

By: Amanda Chapman A recent 2-1 Michigan Court of Appeals decision published earlier this month, Porter v Hill, ruled that when a “natural” parent’s rights to their child are terminated, the grandparents rights are terminated along with the parents.  This ruling seems to conflict with the Child Custody Act. The heart of this controversial ruling […]

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Last Words From Death Row

The Death Chamber at the Huntsville Unit in Texas This post is straight from Texas, our most prolific death penalty state.  Texas has executed over 800 death row inmates since the SCOTUS ruled in 1976 that the death penalty was not cruel and unusual punishment after all. A typical death house drill includes the condemned […]

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