Including the Family Cabin in Your Estate Plan

Especially among the “older” generation, an Up North cabin or cottage symbolizes family unity over time.  The family cottage is a place for the family to gather, year after year, to enjoy nature and bond as a family unit. Often, we see that the younger generations do not view this property in the same manner […]

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Student Loan Debt Should be Covered in Prenuptial Agreement

As undergraduate and graduate students from the past decade turn to marriage now that their education is complete, many are turning-up with a significant debt load.  Should this be a consideration in drafting a prenuptial agreement? Yes.  A prospective spouse needs to consider their future partner’s debt burden and how the liability will be treated […]

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Digital Precautions in Preparation for Divorce

So you’ve decided to take that fateful step and file a complaint for divorce.  Prior to doing so, consider these tips, mostly taken from USA Today reporter Kim Kommando’s article reprinted in the Freep. 1.  Change Passwords.  Although this seems intuitive, the Freep article points-out that 67% of couples share their passwords on at least one account.  The […]

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