SCOTUS Rules Police Cannot Prolong Traffic Stop for Drug Dog

Last week, the United States Supreme Court addressed one of the finer points of the Fourth Amendment’s search and seizure clause in a Nebraska case, Rodriguez v United States.  The decision, released on Tuesday, held that police cannot detain a motorist any longer than is reasonably necessary to complete a routine traffic stop. The extra […]

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Michigan Sex Offender Registry Made Less Onerous

Last month, certain components of Michigan’s sex offender registration act [SORA] were invalidated as unconstitutional by a federal judge in Detroit. Since passing the law in 1994, the Michigan legislature has made a series of amendments tightening restrictions on registrants over the past two decades. The specific portions of the act Judge Robert Cleland struck […]

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Estate Planning Attorney Cannot Name Himself as Beneficiary

Last weekend, we noticed an article in the Detroit Free Press about one of our colleagues from Troy, MI who got into some hot water relative to his estate planning practice.  He had a long-time family friend who was wealthly; the attorney assisted in his wealthy friend’s estate plan. During the process of the drafting […]

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