Baseless Child Protective Service Complaints

Occasionally, we have experienced cases where a parent is continually running to Child Protective Services to lodge a series of baseless or minor complaints against the other parent. This post addresses steps that a parent can take when they are the target of such harassment. First, CPS is supposed to keep the source of any […]

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Changing School Districts After Divorce

Often, we see parents reassess their entire lives and make a series of rapid significant life-changes in the wake of divorce. Changing jobs, counties, even states, is common. A recent case from Monroe County caught our attention. In Zalewski v Garrison, the family court judge granted Father’s request to enjoin Mother from moving their two […]

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Family Court Judge Refuses Divorce

Sometimes, a judge is just looking for some cheap professional attention. That’s what we suspect occurred this week when a Tennessee family court judge cited the SCOTUS marriage equality decision, among other reasons, as the stated basis for denying an elderly couple’s divorce. After hearing from 7 witnesses and considering dozens of exhibits over 4-days, […]

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