Debunking Junk Science

Many criminal cases involve the application of scientific principles to the observation, collection, processing and interpretation of evidence; this is known as forensics. The accused can be acquitted or convicted depending on the quality of the evidence. Over the past several years, defense lawyers have been engaged in campaigns to debunk some of the science […]

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Michigan Appellate Courts Affirm Marital Equality in Custody Rulings

In the wake of the Obergefell and DeBoer cases decided last June by the SCOTUS, our appellate courts here in Michigan have issued recent rulings in a case involving a same-sex couple’s custody battle. The case is Stankevich v Milliron¬†and comes to us from Dickenson County Family Court in the Upper Peninsula, along the southern […]

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Grandparent Visitation Ruled Constitutional

A very significant grandparents’ rights case was decided by the Michigan Court of Appeals last month. The case, arising from Washtenaw County, has tested the constitutional implications of the Grandparent Visitation Act through several trips up and down the appellate courts. In Varran v Granneman, the unwed father and mother of a minor child were […]

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