Dower Abolished in Michigan

At long last, the ancient legal concept of dower has been abolished in Michigan. As a direct result, Michigan real estate transfers just became less complicated thanks to the efforts of Senator Rick Jones, the sponsor of Senate Bills 0558, 0559, and 0560. This bill package, just signed into law by Governor Snyder yesterday, eliminates […]

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Appeals Court Clarifies Marijuana Transportation Law

This post highlights a case decided last week by the Michigan Court of Appeals that involves the intersection of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and the Marijuana Transportation Act. Michiganders have been pushing for the legalization of marijuana in the state for years. To date, the legislature has only responded to their pleas by passing […]

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Parenting Time Coordinators in Family Court

In high-conflict divorce cases with minor children, one of the most heated issues is parenting time. Daily routines, recreational activities, discipline, and health care management are often disputed between parents. Family court professionals seek creative solutions to these difficult and often recurring problems. Given the nature of the disputes, using all the tools in the […]

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