Concerns in Elder Law

As the population ages and the so-called “baby-boom” generation reaches retirement age in waves, our firm is positioned with the necessary experience to assist you or your elderly loved ones in all legal matters. We have elder law experience, securing benefits through the Social Security Administration, Medicare, and Medicaid.  We offer a free, no-obligation meeting in your home to discuss the benefit of proper estate planning.  We discount our legal fees for members of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

Often, members of our families are rendered incompetent either through the aging process or by a progressive mental illness.  The incapacitated individual may no longer be able to manage their own affairs and can become a danger to themselves or to others.  In such cases, a guardianship or a conservatorship may be appropriate.  Clarkston Legal has attorneys who can assist you with the necessary petitions to acquire this status for your family member or loved one.

We Can Help

We can assist you or your loved one with long-term care planning which will maximize independent living options.  Our law firm has extensive knowledge of the various levels of assisted care and we can avoid some of the problems inherent in placing a loved one in a care facility. Also, our firm can assist with the Medicare enrollment process, ensure that you or your loved one properly and promptly enrolls for the correct benefits.